Museum of Cubist Design

The establishment of a museum with a permanent exhibition of furniture production and design from the Cubist period with emphasis upon the work of architect Josef Gočár is planned after the completion of the reconstruction of the entire complex.

The Villa will be open to the public as a cultural monument. The exterior and interiors will therefore be reconstructed so as to replicate the original state as faithfully as possible. The most important items in the interior will be the preserved pieces such as fireplaces, the wooden built-in cupboard and the bookcase. The bathroom has been preserved almost intact. The interior will contain period furniture and other pieces of decorative and applied art, lent by the Museum of Applied Arts in Prague and from private collections. As a cultural monument, the villa will set out to give visitors the atmosphere of interiors from the Cubist period.

An exhibit with an audio-visual program devoted to Czech Cubism, Josef Gočár and the family of the villa's owner Adolf Bauer is planned for the first floor. The exhibit will be prepared in cooperation with professional and scholarly institutions, the architecture and construction section of the National Technical Museum will provide the documentary material.

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