Support from EU and FM EEA/Norway

In 2010 was supported the project "Education and crafts as an instrument for enterprising in the countryside", financed by EU from The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD). The grant was provided by The State Agricultural Intervention Fund". Grant – ca 1.300.000 Kč.

In 2008 was supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway within EEA Financial Mechanism and Norwegian Financial Mechanism supported the project „Cubism in the country“. In the Bauer's Villa was established the unique exhibition „Museum and Gallery of Cubist Design“. In the interior, the valuable replicas of the original wallpaper and linoleum were installed and the original painting was reconstructed there. The premises were equipped with stylish and contemporary furniture and examples of Cubist ceramics.

In 2008 was supported the project "Inside and outside exhibitions of the museum," co-financed by EU from the European Regional Development Fund. The fence was built by the original design of the architect Josef Gočár, the park garden with the cubist gazebo was reconstructed and partly inside of the museum's exhibition was built. There was built parking place for visitors as well.

JROP (Joint Regional Operation Programme)

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  • JROP 2006
    Next year, the Czech Cubism Foundation succeeded with the project "Cubism in the Country", Reg. No.: CZ.04.1.05/ Within Priority No. 4 Tourist Infrastructure Development, sub-measure No. Support to regional and local tourist infrastructure - the Foundation obtained support in the amount of CZK 2.1m. These funds will be used to inform the public and promote the project.

  • JROP 2005
    The Czech Cubism Foundation was among successful applicants in the 3rd round of call for proposals announced for JROP Individual Projects and obtained support for its project "Reconstruction and establishment of museum and gallery in the Bauer's villa by architect Josef Gočár", Reg. No.: CZ.04.1.05/ Within the framework of sub-measure 4.2.2 - Support to regional and local tourist infrastructure - the Foundation obtained support in the amount of CZK 17.4m. These financial funds have substantially contributed to a sophisticated structural reconstruction of the Bauer's villa in line with its cultural and historical value and significance.
    (see www.kr-stredocesky.cz)

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